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   It's the simple things in life that can be gold; and sometimes platinum. For the songwriting of John Waite, simplicity has been a benchmark.
   With Grammy nominations and platinum recordings spanning  nearly four decades, there is no need for change, unless it's part of the setlist. Which it is.....  

   John and Cathy discuss  worldly topics about  European residences, spaghetti westerns, and how performing his catalog through the years has transformed his setlist on this tour into a hybrid, intimate rock show. Check out the interview and Cathy's Review below. 

Cathy's Review

   John Waite. What can I say about this man that you don’t already know? He puts his heart and soul in his music, and tells you piece by piece, song by song, note by precious, delectable note, about his life, his experiences and his perceptions of the world around him. But he also tells you about the world within him, for this is a soul that runs deep, and he artfully expresses it all in a voice and songs so good, it makes you want to cry (or laugh, or throw your fist in the air, or make love….take your pick!)
    We already knew his concert would be nothing but spectacular and moving, no one questions that for a second when it comes to this beloved, well-respected, musicians musician, but what stood out the most in our interview with John was his incredible personality offstage. This was quite possibly our favorite interview ever! He was gracious, humble, down to earth, cool AF, and hilarious (what is it about those brits and their wit?). Do I sound like I’m geeking out? That’s because I AM!

   Sitting with John, and before the cameras even rolled, we were laughing and talking as if we had known each other forever. He made it so easy and fun, that we forgot we were doing an interview. I don’t know if it was because we bonded over both having lived in the U.K., or if he’s just that skilled at making everyone in the room feel important, or if he actually was having as good a time with us as he kept saying he was, but either way, we’ll take it!
   For a few brief minutes, I got to live a fantasy of meeting the perfect celebrity, one who has rock star talent, quality and charisma, but who is also just so totally cool and nice that you swear he’s your new best friend. What a memory that will be for me to re-live and re-tell for years to come. We talked for so long, that Roger just turned the camera off because we were having way too much fun and taking far too much time swapping stories and jokes. If you ever get a chance to see this guy perform, don’t miss out, he’s one of the greats….

by Cathy Rankin
January 31, 2018

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