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The talents of Winger stretch further than  spandex pants and Final Net (extra hold).  If your impression of this band was based on a cartoon from MTV, you have been given "alternative facts." Make no mistake about the musicianship of Kip Winger and his entourage of musicians, they bring their A game to every show. Kip continues to play the music he loves while writing and composing symphonies and broadway musicals that earn him Grammy nominations. Cathy sets the record straight with Kip in the interview and review of the show below. 

Cathy's Review

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by Cathy Rankin
February 14, 2018

Whatever you do, do NOT underestimate Winger (Lars Ulrich, are you listening buddy?)  This band has had its unfair share of unfair criticism, but with Kip Winger’s recent grammy nomination, Rolling Stone’s nod to them as one of the top 50 hair band rock albums of all time, and a new tour with the original lineup, these guys are striking back with a vengeance (not to mention shredding guitar solos, a virtual clinic on how to REALLY play drums, and the ever so sexy presence of the bass playing, vocal belting and master composing  Kip Winger)…haters be damned, this band’s chops can’t be denied….

So, whatever you’ve been told, toss it out and listen to the music, not the critics. As Winger embarks on their latest tour, they are showing the world exactly why they’re not only one of the most underrated rock bands, but one of the most truly talented. Just dare to argue the technical ability of these guys – all you have to do is note the complexity of their songs, see how easy they make it look, and hear how they master their instruments (multiple ones at that) with impeccable precision, and you have a brand new appreciation for just how great these guys were and still are. Like a Ringmaster, Kip commands a crowd with a palpable charisma and a voice (honestly one of the best in rock and roll) that still sends goosebumps down our arms, Reb Beach rips off riffs that are so jaw dropping you’re embarrassed that you ever wrote these guys off, John Roth compliments everyone on multiple instruments, and Rod Morgenstein holds the whole thing down with a beat that shows he’s one of the best all around drummers. We sat down with Kip to chat about this and more, and every word he said showed us why he’s one of the most well rounded artists in the biz with a band that won’t stop until they get the credit they deserve, and believe me, they will (and yes ladies, when Kip Winger looks in your eyes, you can’t help but blush)….. Interview Winger
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