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Most legendary rock n roll icons come complete with a controversial past that writes the reasoning behind their genius. Wes Scantlin has compiled a few chapters into Puddle of Mudd's history books that damn near compares him to Jim Morrison. Carrying 5 months sobriety on tour with him, fans are getting the Wes they deserve. Cathy thumbs a ride down Wes's road to recovery in the interview and review below. 

Cathy's Review

by Cathy Rankin
February 15, 2018

He’s no stranger to controversy, and there’s been news, LOTS of news, but don’t count Wes Scantlin out. Puddle of Mudd (oh the irony in that name) is betting on their singer and those legendary pipes, to come back and show audiences what made us fall in love with them in the first place.

We sat down with Wes himself, to discuss what’s on the horizon for him both personally, and professionally. This was one of the most personal, raw and honest interviews we’ve ever done, and your heart feels for this artist who is called crazy by some, genius by others, and maybe is a combination of both. But, his heart and soul shine through both in person, and in his music when you hear all that raw edge and chaos and honesty in his emotion-filled lyrics and voice. Going on 5 months of sobriety, Wes and his loyal, solid-as-a-rock bandmates, took the stage and performed a killer show to a sold out, packed house. This band has a LOT of fans, and from what we witnessed, they’re showing up in force and pulling for their beloved frontman to conquer his demons and the rock scene once again with new stories to tell through his music. We can happily report that we witnessed a very sober, very strong performance from this band, and Wes was hitting all the marks, giving one of the best shows fans have seen from him, and clearly giving all of himself. Time and time again, we heard people comment on how much they love his voice, so distinct, so relatable, and he showed that it is all still there, just waiting to be heard. Sobriety is doing him good, and after meeting him and seeing how gracious and humble he is, we too are cheering him on in what we all hope will be a bright and successful future. No matter what has happened, this guy is a fighter, and opinions aside, we give him all the credit in the world for his efforts, and to his bandmates for sticking by him through it all….sometimes its more important to see someone as human, than as a rockstar….

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